Increase team productivity, save the team lead’s time and make the whole team learn together with the technical Q&A meeting.

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Key performance indicators for the development team leads, and how to measure them in Azure DevOps.

Retry all network calls from your front-end to make the app more resilient and reliable

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Extend the Application Insights’ distributed tracing by background jobs or integration events telemetry correlation

You get this with absolutely no custom code

Record your architectural and technical decisions for further reference, and have the new team members up to date from day one

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Do-and-forget general progress loader that will automatically and consistently show throughout your angular application

Loading progress bar.
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With a real world use case.

Simple concept that goes for both web and mobile that will not break the UI regardless of the image dimensions, and will keep the image’s aspect ratio.

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Use the ‘yarn audit' command in your CI pipeline and block the integration if there are security risks

Yarn audit output.

Fail your CI build if there are any NuGet packages out of date in your project with dotnet-outdated.

Boris Donev

As a technical team lead of several startup projects, I've come across different issues which I'll try to document and maybe help someone else.

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